Allyson Briggs: Versatile and accomplished voiceover artist by day, songbird and bandleader of 1940s-style jazz band, Fleur Seule, by night.

I fell in love with voice over watching Robin Williams voice the Genie, and many other characters, in Disney’s ‘Aladdin.’ I was inspired by how many characters one person could play in secret, from a booth, without the audience knowing what you look like or who you might be.

10+ years

as a professional voice over artist


auditions a week


voiceover projects


A lifelong passion for music and the human voice has led Allyson down an unusual, fulfilling career path, as she seamlessly transitions from stage to booth. For voiceover work, Allyson has a warm, intelligent voice that is well-suited to phone greetings, technological scripts, and tutorial and explainer videos. She is the perfect blend of a Young Adult/Millenial voice, with a touch of maturity and wisdom, and a splash of Girl-Next-Door friendliness. She also has a surprisingly large number of character voices under her belt, which has allowed her to book many multi-character projects, including the 12-character iPad game, "Learn and Match the Greek Gods," and the 16-character audiobook, "The Chameleon" by Merrick Rosenberg, available on With a home booth, Allyson records projects daily and is able to fulfill projects with a 24-hour turnaround time. Some of her clients have included American Airlines, Samsung, Tropicana, and GE. She is available for scripts in English, German, French, Spanish, and multiple accents. To view her large body of work from her home studio, listen to her WORK or view her profile on


Allyson Briggs can usually be found behind a microphone. Whether providing voiceover recordings for clients, or on stage singing, she is an artist of unmatched vocal range and adaptability. She is the songbird and bandleader of Fleur Seule, a 1940s Jazz and Swing band dedicated to the music of the big band days. Allyson grew up singing and loving this music, performing it from a very young age, and as she acquired more lingual prowess at NYU, expanded her scope of repertoire to include music in 7 languages, with plans for more.  On a mission to revive the greatest music ever written, now for her generation, she strives to share her love and passion for the joy and the glamour of it all. She believes in the power of simplicity, the playfulness of music, and the Great American Songbook. She is an old soul who refined her craft in New York City and has been making great strides in bringing the best of music back for some, and anew to the younger set. She is honored to have shared a stage with the incomparable Michael Feinstein.

The magic of working in voice over is in how many different stories I get to tell, how many characters I get to invest in, and how many different audiences I am able to reach, all from my little closet at home. has been the path to making my dream my day job!